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Friday, 11 January 2019

Feature In Whatsapp

When you are using this app every day, there may be some hidden features that you do not know about.
Here are some features In WhatsApp you can be proud of knowing (if you were not already)

Feature In Whatsapp:-

Feature In Whatsapp
Feature In Whatsapp

1. You do not have to tell people you are ignoring - hide blue texts

Curious about 'unread' messages in your WhatsApp? And worry that you may have to answer to someone who you do not want? No worries! Switch to Blue Tick using Whatsapp on these simple instructions: Settings> Account> Privacy> Read receipts

2. Hiding Your Last Philosophy for Peaceful Life

Hiding read receipts cannot be for everyone, because someone might tell you that you were online, but did not check their messages. Your last seen using these simple steps: Settings> Account> Privacy> the Last Seine Feature In Whatsapp

Now you can be online or offline at any time without any reason.

3. Make your point bold

Giving any special instructions or just wanting to make your point of view more robust? Bold the text using this simple trick in your WhatsApp message. * * Put an asterisk on both sides of this word like Voila! Feature In Whatsapp

4. Emphasize the use of italics

Not just bold, you can also italicize your text. Add underscores on either side of the word like _this _ and you are good to go. Feature In Whatsapp
Feature In Whatsapp
Feature In Whatsapp

5. Optimize best friend WhatsApp?

Can not go one day without talking to each other? Creating a shortcut to the chat box of your best friend and keeping it in the right place on your home screen is very comfortable. Feature In Whatsapp

A long press option will launch a menu on the desired chat, which includes the 'Add a Chat Shortcut' tab. Sharing photos and gossip just got faster and easier.

6. Star your messages

You do not need to send back the message your crush has sent so that your heart has become important about a beat or your exam date or notes. Feature In Whatsapp

Just star the message and see them all once in the starred message column.

7. See who gives you the highest priority

Want to check that you spend your maximum time with whom in the virtual world?

Go to Settings> Data usage> Storage usage.

The window will show you the ranking of chat according to the amount of data spent with the exchange of messages or media. Feature In Whatsapp

8. Delete embarrassing messages and typos

Wrongly sent something and want to delete it now? Whatsapp started its new delete facility for everyone, which enables us to delete messages after it was sent.

Now when you send a message that you do not want to read them, just hold down the message and select Delete for everyone.

Earlier, Whatsapp allowed you to 'delete for everyone' for a period of 7 minutes, but now it has been extended for one hour. Feature In Whatsapp

9. Limit Data Usage

Do not want those unnecessary pictures and videos to be downloaded from family and college groups?
You can control the data that you consume by limiting the types of media that are automatically downloaded to your mobile connection. Feature In Whatsapp

Go to Settings> Data usage and choose the best option for you. This will help you save a lot of data that you can use elsewhere.

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